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So I went down to Toronto for the Dyke March yesterday. A few people asked me how it went, so I'm just posting here instead of retelling the story a ton of times.

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All in all, I had a pretty good time. I think I had at least a pack of cigarettes via second hand smoke and may have smoked at least a joint again second-hand. I'm glad I left when I did, though, as I was pretty done by then.

So yep, that's the story of my first Dyke March.
06 30 10 - G20
I can't believe what I'm reading about the treatment of G20 protestors. At first I kind of understood the riot cops dispersing even the peaceful protests out of fear of the Black Bloc... but holding people in some kind of internment situation for over 24 hours? What the hell? This is Canada! This is my country!

I'm completely disgusted and part of me feels guilty for not having been there, supporting the protestors. I feel guilty for not having been arrested along with them, hopefully that doesn't make me sound too crazy, because then I could be more outraged about this. Now I feel utterly devastated. Hell, I started crying reading some of the accounts.

This is Canada. What the hell?
04 26 10 - 100 things redux
Going through and updating the points I had, plus changing those that are completely irrelevant.

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I'd forgotten how hard these things were to write! Oh well, it's fairly more current now.
07 06 09 - BEARDIE.

I would post pictures, but I'm trying to leave her alone. I think the 1 hour car ride in my lap was a bit WTF for her. She may be a him. Will investigate at a later date.

Never underestimate the power of Photoshop, Excel, and a hell of a long time to stare at them and eventually realize "wait, that's really stupid".

Tentative Fall Schedule:
Monday: Drugs & Behaviour 8:30-10:00, Chemistry 1:00-2:00
Tuesday: Physics Lab 8:30-11:30, Physics 11:30-12:30, Ecology 2:30-4:00
Wednesday: Drugs & Behaviour 8:30-10:00, Math 10:00-11:30, Chemistry 1:00-2:00, Chemistry Lab 2:30-5:30
Thursday: Stats 8:30-11:30, Physics 11:30-12:30, Stats Tutorial 1:00-2:00, Ecology 2:30-4:00
Friday: Math Tutorial 8:30-9:30, Math 10:00-11:30, Physics 11:30-12:30, Chemistry 12:00-1:00, Ecology Lab 1:30-5:30
*Note: Overlap on Friday, 30 min of Physics/Chem Tutorial, 30 min of Chem/Ecology Lab

Tentative Winter Schedule:
Monday: Genetics 11:30-1:00, Chemistry 1:00-2:00, Physics 2:30-3:30, Animals: Form and Function 4:30-5:30
Tuesday: Animals: Form and Function Lab 1:30-4:30, Animals: Form and Function 4:30-5:30, Math 6:30-8:00
Wednesday: Physics Lab 8:30-11:30, Genetics 11:30-1:00, Chemistry 1:00-2:00, Physics 2:30-3:30, Animals: Form and Function 4:30-5:30
Thursday: Stats 8:30-11:30, Stats Tutorial 1:00-2:00, Genetics Lab 1:30-4:30, Math Tutorial 5:30-6:30, Math 6:30-8:00
Friday: Chemistry Lab 8:30-11:30, Chemistry Tutorial 12:00-1:00, Chemistry 1:00-2:00, Physics 2:30-3:30
*Note: Overlap on Thursday, 30 min of Stats Tutorial/Genetics Lab

The late night Math in the Winter semester pisses me off, but I couldn't wrangle it into another slot. I have no idea how the tutorials work in terms of necessity, otherwise I'd happy skip those that get in my way. As it is, I probably will skip the Winter Stats Tutorial as Labs are awesome.

This also allows me to take 6 course overloads both semesters of my fourth year. While I won't qualify for Animal Physiology or Neuroethology by then (which makes me really sad!), I'll be able to take Ornithology with my awesomeeeee first year prof instead. Then write my thesis the following summer and do my one remaining seminar in fifth year Winter while doubling at Algonquin.

I really wish Carleton had something to organize shit FOR you instead of doing this in such a frustrating manner. CMU actually has two competing sites that do such a thing - you select the course and it picks the section that fits best. Carleton just gives you the big ole list and it's up to you to wrangle it.

Anyway, I'm fairly pleased with my schedule. I'm kind of bummed that my Drugs & Behaviour won't be with Holahan (he only teaches the Winter section) but it's worth it to get to take such a neat course at all. I like reading the books, as nerdy as that sounds.
06 20 09 - omg snakesssss
So I was really bored yesterday and made the mistake of looking at ball pythons. These are fairly small easy going little snakes... but they have the most gorgeous mutations! At least 10-12 codominant patterns have been found, along with some recessive and dominant ones as well. It sounds like so much fun to breed them!

I'm beginning to worry that I'll go to the CRBE in September and buy myself a pastel male (cost about 400$) and a normal female (cost about 100-150$). I mean, it'd be awesome, but what are the chances I'll find a roommate who's cool with my snakes? And if I do that I'd probably have to give up my uro plan at least for a little while. (Frankly I think giving up one uro for two breeding snakes is awesome, but the uro would be about the cost of the normal female.)

And then once I have two, I seriously doubt I'll be able to stop. I mean, it's genetics... and it's SCALY and it fits in a 2x2x2 box and it eats once a week. :D
SPORE. WHY MUST I PLAY YOU. You're not even that fun once you've been played through in all three modes, but I feel the need to colonize planets like woah. I SHOULD BE DOING OTHER THINGS. LIKE... well fuck idk. Drawing for artslam!

I planted flowers yesterday and made the buttermilk cake except with raspberries and it is nom. My tummy is unhappy with me because I've been sleeping too much.

I also stole the EHD's USB cord for my printer (which can scan, holy shit). Curse you Bailey! Why did you have to be so cute? I can't even be angry with you!

I'm going to go... do something. Yeah. TO TABLET.
06 03 09 - Artslam Thoughts
(artslam for the uninformed)

cut because it's babbly fantasyCollapse )

Either way, I think it's obvious that artslam has given me a LOT to think and doodle about. Who knows, maybe I'll end up with a decent plot and world by the end of this. :D
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